SMQ LED Demo Introduction

The SMQ LED Demo shows how to design a cloud based IoT solution for controlling LEDs in devices connected to an SMQ broker. The demo uses the SMQ protocol and enables GUI clients to control all LEDs in each connected device. See the Browser to Device LED Control using SMQ tutorial for more information on how this demo functions.

Secure IoT solution

Download Device Code

By downloading a ready to use demo or compiling and running the source code, you will be able to control your own (simulated) device from your computer or from your own device. The (simulated) device will show up as a new tab on this page with the IP address of your network.


Download Native Android UI App

The native Android app provides an alternative to the browser based UI. The Android app is available at the Android app store as the SMQ IoT LED Demo.

Download Java UI

The Java client provides an alternative to the browser based user interface.